Wellcome to my site

It is managed by scanners for the two purpose.

One is the purpose of collecting and offering the information relevant to a photograph as a photograph information site. Since I was performing edit about a photograph, and writing, it began for the production of data. The link collection of the WEB site about Japanese photographers, photograph gallerys in Japan, camera makers, and digital cameras is made. Moreover, about the newest information brought near by the site, it has followed up at any time on weblog(Japanese only). If you know any information, please give information by mail.

Another side is the purpose of having my photograph seen by the photograph gallery on WEB. Since I take a photograph, I should show the taken photograph how or am applying a trial-and-error method.

About the opinion about this site, and comment, I need your help by mail. Please enjoy yourself slowly.

Takazawa Kenji

last update=2004.9.28



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